Q&A - Sophia Chang | Illustrator

What influenced your personal style growing up?

Cultural influences growing up in New York definitely affected my personal style. I'd say hip-hop and street culture played a big role.

What made you want to get into illustrating?
I've always been into drawing. It was a huge hobby of mine since I was a kid, but it wasn't until college that I realized there was a market for illustrators and a commercial side to drawing.

What's the biggest misconception about what you do? 
People think I'm just a cute girl/social media influencer. When the reality is I've been working since college to learn the skills involved in web design, graphic design, print design and fashion. My marketing strategy became a huge skill once I started to use the internet and social media. There's a reason why someone's heard my name or seen my work.

If you could choose an album that played when someone was viewing your work, which would it be?
Not sure if I can choose an album... maybe a mixtape. I've always enjoyed DJ Neil Armstrong's mixes. 

Can you think of an artist that when you learned about them you were in awe?
Jonathan Mannion. I was always familiar with his work, but once I heard him speak it was game over. Also Paula Scher. She's a boss and just such a revolutionary creative thinker.

Who's the most interesting person/client you've worked with and what made them special? 
I'd say as of late, Adidas has been really fun. I've worked with them on a number of different levels including a mini-photoshoot in Tokyo, a tour guide book for New York illustrated and curated by me, and collaborated with UNDO-Ordinary to design and produce an entire month's worth of social media content. As a huge corporation, they really respect the creatives as individuals and see our value. As a client they did not try to steamroll or manipulate the artist's vision to fit their criteria. That's really admirable and respectable.

Is there a place you have traveled to that been particularly inspiring? 
Tokyo has been amazing both culturally and creatively. There's so much to be inspired by within the world of design from fashion, graphics, curation, retail experience and more.

If anyone dead or alive could paint a portrait of you who would it be?
James Jean! Or Kenichi Hoshine. Those are two super rad artists that I admire.