• Q&A - Jalan & Jibril Durimel | Photographers

    What influenced your style growing up?
    We were never too into style necessarily until later but I think it'd be our up-bringing between France, Miami and the Caribbean.

    What made you first interested in taking photographs?
    The Idea that we have the luxury of recording today, reference photos,
    and a story we've only experienced. We want to be as good as our favorites so that inspires us to dig deeper into this medium.

    What's the biggest misconception or most overrated part about what you guys do?
    That we're the same person/share a brain. We're pretty different once you get to know us and that plays a large and productive part in terms of our overall creativity.

    Can you tell us about a time that you first learned of an artist and were in awe? 
    We were in "Awe" after finding the photos of Trude Flieschman. Impeccable textures on her prints with a certain "Romance" (we like to say) that really inspires what we're moving towards today.

    Who's the most interesting person you've met or worked with and what made them special?
    As of today it'd be Tyrone Lebon just because we admired his work for so long and eventually met him. We've learned a great deal from him that has severely changed our technique of producing photos.

    Can you tell us about a place outside of France that you traveled to and were inspired?
    Looking back it would be our travels as children through-out the Caribbean, Guadeloupe and living in St. Maarten.

    What's something you disliked at first, but now are into?
    Caribbean Culture

    If you were to choose an album that played when someone was viewing your work,
    what would that be? 
    Sister Nancy against Bach at the same time.

    If anyone dead or alive could paint a portrait of you who would it be?
    John Colier (Dead), or Alex Katz (Alive)... that's a tough one.

    Do you have any advice for a photographer/stylist trying to get their foot in the door?
    This is a relay but "Shoot what you can't help but shoot."

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