Q&A - Jeff Staple | Founder of Staple Design

What's the biggest misconception about what you do?

I think the biggest misconception is that all I do is throw pigeons on everything. I think that says a lot about the reach of the staplepigeon clothing line and the pigeon collaborations that we do. But there is a universe of things that I have my fingers on that have nothing to do with our feathered friend. But most people never know or talk about it. I dont mind that. What bothers me is when people assume I only do one thing.

Who's the most interesting person you've met or worked with and what made them special?
Hiroshi Fujiwara. His keen insight on everything in life - personally, professionally, artistically is so on point.

What are a few things you love about NYC? 
The diversity of culture and people. And 24 hr bodegas. 

How do you prefer to get about?
Bicycle. I love to absorb the environment I am traveling in - but I also need to get there faster than walking.

You seem to embrace modern technology more than many. What's something you're looking forward to?
Fucking bring on the self-driving car already!!!

Tell us about a time you visited a new place and were in awe.
I'm really uber-inspired by artists inside their workspaces. I love seeing the process in action. Last week I was in Amsterdam and visited a studio shared by painter Adele Renault and graf legend Shoe. Whenever I visit these places, I leave with a hangover type of feeling. It happens when I know I've been extremely inspired. It actually tires me. I'm drunk off the feels... Haha.

What's something you disliked at first, but now are into? 

Favorite album of the last decade?
Robert Glasper - Black Radio.

Do you have a dream collaboration?

If anyone dead or alive could paint your portrait who would it be?
Stevie Wonder. That shit would be so gangster on so many levels.