Q&A - Nabil Elderkin | Director/Photographer

 What made you first interested in photography & film?

Being under water, surfing... And seeing photos shot of surfers in the water... It looked so magical, and some could actually convey the feeling only a surfer knows.

Can you think of an artist that when you learned about them you were in awe?
Jame Nachtwey was a war photographer, and when I saw War Photographer the documentary, it changed my life.

What's the biggest misconception about what you do? 
The biggest misconception is all the elements it takes to make films... So many stars have to align...

If you were to choose an album that played when somoene was viewing your work, what would that be?
Some epic film sore! Or Bon Iver, Bon Iver

Who's the most interesting person you've worked with and what made them special?
Too many amazing people along the way... Nelson Mandela though... I mean...

Tell us about a time you visited a new place and were inspired. 
Brazil! Rio has an energy that is hard to explain...

What's something you disliked at first, but now are into? 

Do you have any advice for a photographer/film maker trying to get their foot in the door?
Shoot every type of film, try all lenses... And travel travel shoot shoot.